Flute | Piano | Recorder | Singing | Theory | GCSE & A Level

Keys to Success

We are professionally trained teachers who understand what students need to make progress.  We have been middle managers who led the development of teaching in schools rated by Ofsted as Outstanding.

Motivation is central to our approach.  We know that learners surpass their own expectations of progress when they have a mindset focused on personal growth and when they make an informed commitment to that goal.

Hours of Operation

Working weeks roughly follow the school term.  Preferred days for tuition are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Times of day are flexible.


We are based in Ugborough, in the South Hams.  We work in roughly a 30 mile radius, covering all of South Devon and into Cornwall.


We offer different pathways through music tuition:

¨ Explore—creativity, culture, confidence

  • You would like to take part in music and feel more confident when you do.
  • You would like to find out more about the composers and discover more music that takes your breath away.
  • You would like to develop the musical skills to bring music to life – and perhaps to improvise or compose.

¨ Improve—tone, taste, technique

  • You would like a critical ear to help develop a more beautiful sound.
  • You would like specialist insight into performance practice and what will move an audience.
  • You would like a programme of practice to build a technique that gives you reliable control under pressure.

Whether you want to be a confident participator or a spotlight performer, we specialise in tailoring a course for you.